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Warriors Around the World


2021 - 2022


Classroom Tools




Kelli Wald


Wheatland Elementary 4th grade classes are asking you

to consider Warriors Around the World as a grant

recipient from The Foundation for Andover Schools. This

grant will allow students to increase their global

citizenship by diving deeper into Social Studies content

and making sense of our world through global

connections. We are requesting funding for 3 classroom

sets of Nystrom Map and Globe Skills. Each set includes

a teacher’s guide and a classroom set of student atlases,

globes, physical maps, political maps, and raised relief


Warriors Around the World will help students to develop

their skills to imagine possibilities for our country and the

world. Students will be able to gain practical experience

with the resources provided. This grant will help students

to create connections that will foster a sense of self and

the world in which they live. Student innovation will be

displayed through classroom and passion projects.

Examples of this would be students learning about the

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and how they

would address them, Mystery Locations geography

activities, and diving deeper into U.S. regional

comparisons. Students sharing their competence and

confidence in global citizenship will promote excellence

in education for Andover Public Schools.