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50 Pre-K students at Prairie Creek Elementary

Kayla Nelson


A sensory path for Prairie Creek will allow students with emotional, physical, or mental struggles to focus on academic visuals while moving their bodies in a specific order. As the student moves through the path, their body movements can slow down or speed up but will work towards giving the proper sensory input without overstimulating the student. The path is designed using research-based sensory integration therapy techniques to decrease sensory-seeking behaviors and increase cognition. The path will be placed in the middle of the Kindergarten-2nd grade hallway. This will put it right beside the kindergarten classrooms, as well as right outside of the K-2 resource room and the reading lab. Students going to these classes for support will be able to use the path to focus their bodies and prepare academically. Students can use this path for emotion regulation, brain breaks, academic content and so much more. This is truly a path that can benefit all of our students in different ways. It would be a great contribution to our building and allow us to have another tool to assist students in their learning. Please view this amazing path at