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KidWind Wind Turbine Challenge!


2022 - 2023


Classroom Tools




200 students per year. With care and a few extra parts, these kits should last for 10+ years. This should be used by 2,000 (or more) students over their lifetime.


Cody Melander


This grant will be used for 7th-grade science. Students will create and design wind turbine blades that are used to generate electricity. Students will use the design and engineering process to optimize the electricity output of their wind turbines. The project will have students research the history of humans using wind energy. Students will need to use creativity and their imagination to make the best possible wind turbine blade design. They will compare and contrast blade designs to determine the most effective way to get electricity from the wind. Wind turbines are a relatively new and innovative way to get electricity. There is an optional competition portion to this challenge. Students can compete in regional, state and national competitions to determine innovative designs. As the world transitions to using more renewable energy resources, providing students with the real-life experience of maximizing electricity from wind would be a great STEM activity.