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Hands-On Reading in Kindergarten




Classroom Tools




All kindergarten students at Cottonwood Elementary


Traci Wood


Our students need various hands-on and engaging opportunities to gain and practice early reading skills. Kindergarten students are continually being challenged to become little readers and work independently. They need multiple ways and materials to practice and explore, in order to gain those skills. Our dream as their teachers is to provide numerous opportunities and expose them to various types of materials that allow them to develop those early reading skills, while also being able to work independently in developmentally appropriate ways, all while they enjoy learning.
Research shows the best way for students to learn is through hands-on experiences, as it stimulates growth on both sides of the brain. We want to help them learn skills through experiences, instead of just telling them about things. Our goal is to make learning fun and give them a Kindergarten experience that they will never forget! With your help, we can provide those various ways of practice and the manipulatives needed on a daily basis. Manipulatives are objects and tools that teachers employ in developing the reading abilities of all children, but for many children with disabilities, manipulatives are essential. These are also used for providing hands-on learning solutions for word-building skills in early learners of the language. Thank you so much for considering funding our grant that will help equip Cottonwood Kindergarten with the best educational experience possible!