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Prairie Creek Elementary

Our hearts go out to our families affected by the tornado on April 29. We know we have families and staff members who either lost their homes or have damaged homes. But, most importantly, we know of no one in our school community who was injured and no one in our entire community who lost their life in the tornado.

Prairie Creek Elementary School suffered significant damage in the tornado. Because of the extent of the damage, we will not be able to use the Prairie Creek building for the remainder of the school year. Therefore, there will be no school for Prairie Creek students during the week (May 2-6). We expect to resume school for Prairie Creek students on Monday, May 9. 

Our greatest challenge will be to provide for all lost in the building. Some rooms were untouched by the tornado, while others were heavily damaged. However, the damage to the roof resulted in significant flooding in parts of the building. This damage will render most soft surface and paper items unusable for several weeks, even if they are recoverable.

We need student supplies for all grades, much like the required supplies for the first day of school but only enough to get them through the last two weeks. We will also accept donations to purchase those supplies needed.

100% of proceeds will go directly to support the needs of Prairie Creek Elementary.

Our community has experienced a traumatic event, and it will take time for us to heal. However, we will get through this together.

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