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2021 - 2022


Classroom Tools




Kelsey Potter


We are requesting physics demonstration equipment to

enhance learning and increase student engagement.

Physics concepts are much more abstract and bringing

real world examples to the classroom will be imperative

to student mastery of standards. Seeing and

experiencing phenomenon is more effective than simply

reading examples from the textbook.

Electric fields are a very abstract concept because they

are not something you can see, you need to experience

them. In elementary school, electric fields were

demonstrated by rubbing a balloon on your shirt and

sticking it on the wall. We want to take this a step further

by using a Van de Graaff generator to create very high

electric potentials and present demonstrations that were

previously only seen in science museums. Previously, we

could only show magnetic fields in 2D with iron filings

and a magnet. With this grant, 3D magnetic boxes will

help students understand how magnetic fields exist and

function in the real world. Additionally, wave models and

wave sticks will provide students with the ability to see a

moving dynamic wave as opposed to a static

photograph. We feel they could visualize the concepts of

frequency, amplitude, and wavelength.