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Positivity in Action


2021 - 2022


Classroom Tools




Jennifer Clausing


The resource teachers at Wheatland Elementary are

requesting the social-emotional program Positive Action.

Andover Schools have consistently sought to be leaders

in academics. With the addition of our "Portrait of a

Graduate," we are beginning to redesign our schools to

support the abilities and mindset of all students. I want to

implement the Positive Action social-emotional program

with Andover's students that were already struggling

academically. Over the past couple of years, the

academic gap has widened, and now the ability to cope

in stressful situations has fallen. We are beginning to see

the long-term effects of anxiety and its inability to

regulate emotions. The Positive Action program will

reduce disruptive and problem behavior, increase

resiliency and academic performance, and teach

struggling students a path of creating positive actions.

These positive actions will have a ripple effect on their

peers for this year and a lifelong benefit of finding a

positive feeling within oneself from providing positive

actions to others. While other districts focus on catching

up academically, Andover has maintained its focus on

the whole child for life-long success, and I believe the

Positive Action program will reinforce and strengthen our

student's future.