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Path to Learn


2021 - 2022


Classroom Tools




Kayla Nelson


A sensory path for Prairie Creek will allow students with

emotional, physical, or mental struggles to focus on

academic visuals while moving their bodies in a specific

order. As the student moves through the path, their body

movements can slow down or speed up, but will work

towards giving the proper sensory input without over

stimulating the student. The path is designed using

research based sensory integration therapy techniques

to decrease sensory seeking behaviors and increase

cognition. The path will be placed in the middle of the

Kindergarten-2nd grade hallway. This will put it right

beside the kindergarten classrooms, as well as, right

outside of the K-2 resource room and the reading lab.

Students going to these classes for support will be able

to use the path to focus their bodies and prepare

academically. Students can use this path for emotion

regulation, brain breaks, academic content and so much

more. This is truly a path that can benefit all of our

students in different ways. It would be a great

contribution to our building and allow us to have another

tool to assist students in their learning. Please view this

amazing path at

In education we have learned that it is important to meet

the needs of the whole child. This sensory path will allow

us to use it for academic purposes. It will also serve as a

space for children to work on emotional self-regulation.

The sensory path has academic visuals that can be

utilized by staff and students to promote learning. Visuals

that are included are letters and numbers. The path will

be located in the middle of the K-2 hallway. It will be

directly beside the kindergarten classrooms and right in

front of the K-2 resource room and reading lab. This

location will allow us to work with students that may be

struggling and need visual cues to learn. The path will

become a resource to continue to teach but allow

children to be highly active, engaged and motivated in

their learning. Using the path will provide visual and

kinesthetic input to allow the brain to cognitively function

in multiple learning styles. Prairie Creek is working hard

to teach kids the necessary skills to self-regulate their

emotions. One of the big tools for this is to take a walk or

a break from the class to calm down. This path will

provide a safe and structured space for students to do

this. It provides a proper sensory input without

overstimulating the child. These techniques are used to

decrease sensory seeking behaviors and increase

cognition. Another use for the path will be when children

need brain breaks or are transitioning between activities.

In winter months, students may be unable to have

outside recess but still have a need to move their bodies

and be more physically active. As you can see this

creative sensory path will be innovative because it can

be used in so many ways by students and staff to meet

the needs of the kids at Prairie Creek Elementary.