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Science Suyccess with Sensors


2021 - 2022


Classroom Tools




Derek Base


Science is a field that has constantly been developed

through discovery of real world phenomenons. Lab

sensors allow students to see, in real time, the changes

that are taking place during chemical reactions. The use

of lab sensors allows students to investigate such

phenomenons as gas laws, energy changes, pH changes

and more all why working together with their lab partners

to create a deeper understanding of the physical world

around us. The Pasco sensor package that is being

requested would include wireless sensors for: pH,

temperature, conductivity, and gas pressure. These

sensors are wireless and integrate seamlessly with

students' chromebooks through a free app produced by

Pasco. The app allows for students to see data

measurements instantly and gives students the ability to

manipulate data produced during the labs. This gives

students the opportunity to not only see chemical

relationships at a deeper level but to gain experience

producing data and lab reports at the level required in the

21st century. These lab sensors would be used by

students in physical science, chemistry, honors chemistry

and AP chemistry, making a significant impact on

hundreds of students every year.

This grant will allow students have access and use serval

different types of data sensors that are used in college

chemistry classes and chemical careers. The purposed

sensors will also integrate with students chromebooks,

allowing them to process real time data.