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Medical Strand Student Attire-Scrubs/Lab Coats


2021 - 2022






Ashley Ebert


This award was courtesy of a Wesley Health Systems grant applied for and received by The Foundation for Andover Schools.

.The request is for money to be spent on student

professional attire. We prefer our students to be learning

in professional experiences as much as possible.

However, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our ability

to place students in medical offices and hospitals. For

this reason, we have implemented a teaching lab to

simulate medical field situations that students would

otherwise experience in the actual workplace on job

shadows. At CAPS, students are expected to wear

business casual attire or scrubs to mimic professionals in

the medical field. By enforcing a business casual or

scrub dress code, we enhance the realistic creativity

involved in an role play scenario. Unfortunately, we find

that it is difficult for students to dress in business casual

attire every single day due to wardrobe constraints.

Notably, the pandemic has also brought on a relaxed

wardrobe and typical teens don't have a closet full of

business casual attire. We feel scrubs are a great option

because they are machine washable and if pulled from

dryer immediately they need no further care such as

ironing that is required by some business casual wear

such as dress shirts. However, scrubs can be costly. By

providing students their own scrub set/lab coat during

their time here, we would be able to have everyone dress

for the profession! This eliminates extra costs to families

by equally providing an acceptable medical professional


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