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Live Streaming Equipment


2021 - 2022


Classroom Tools




Anthony Kucera


This grant would be to purchase equipment to video stream or record multi camera

productions. With the equipment students could learn the real life application of producing live

events for the school. Along with producing the events students would run every element of

the broadcast down from directing, camera person and announcer. Students would be in

charge of planning the set up, promotion and post production of these events.

Live productions not only show the talents of the students on the screen but behind the

scenes. Students are able to optically design a production, add content and push the

boundaries of the changing world in journalism. This grant will allow students at ACHS to

create products that have not been offered before at the school. Students will be trained in

the technical set up and the content production. Having this outlet will show the community

and the world the abilities and products students at ACHS can produce.