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Calm Down Kits for Prarie Creek Elementary


2021 - 2022


Classroom Tools




Michelle Adler


This year Prairie Creek Elementary School is making a dedicated and intentional push

toward implementing Trauma Informed Practices (TIP). We’ve learned about Zones of

Regulation (see for more information) and nearly all classrooms are

implementing this simple system to help kids identify their emotions and aid in learning

readiness. Calmdown Corners are our next step in understanding and utilizing TIP. Calmdown

Corners give students a place to go when they recognize they’re not in good head space, not

completely regulated, and need some time to work back into a “green brain that’s ready to

learn.” According to Action for Healthy Kids (2019), “A calm down corner is a designated

space in a home or classroom with the sole intent of being a safe space for a child to go to

when they feel their emotions are running too high and they need to regain their emotional and

physical control. These spaces are equipped with comforting objects and soothing materials

that can promote mindfulness, breathing and reflection.”

Prairie Creek is seeking funding to give each classroom teacher and special teacher a calmdown

corner kit to keep in their classrooms. Harmon (2018), notes, “A calm down corner is

not complete without tools students can use to help themselves regulate their emotions. Some

students need to use tangible items to help themselves calm down.” This Calm Down Kit

would include such items such as bubble wrap, pop-its, fidget spinners, pinwheels, bubbles,

mindfulness posters, pillows and soft toys, coloring books and colored pencils, a breathing

ball, puzzles, a weighted lap blanket, appropriate seating (bean bag or spring chair), stress

ball, silly putty, books, pipe cleaners, legos, and a mirror. The tub would have a rotating supply

of things in it. When students begin to feel emotionally disregulated, or the teacher senses

they are, the Calm Down corner is a space students choose to go to before things escalate.

The activities are designed so the student can slow down, think through their next steps, and

return to their seat ready to learn, all within a matter of 5-10 minutes. This keeps the child

from leaving the class and missing valuable learning time, and is key in helping kids learn how

to refocus when emotions are high.