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Bridging the Gap


2021 - 2022


Classroom Tools




Mary Olin


The intervention team at Cottonwood Elementary and

Prairie Creek is requesting funding for 3 sets of a

supplemental math program titled Bridges Interventions.

Its purpose is to provide targeted instruction to students

who are not performing at grade level. This team consists

of three academic interventionists and three special

education resource teachers. Through much research,

we found the Bridges Interventions program, and we

believe it could dramatically increase the educational

outcomes of our students who need the greatest

assistance. We would use this program to help students

reach their full potential.

The resources purchased with our grant will provide

opportunities for additional, targeted support for

struggling learners. This helps to ensure more students

are able to achieve their educational goals. The Bridges

Intervention program uses a multi-faceted approach to

re-teaching concepts that were not previously mastered.

This includes use of manipulatives and other resources

to ensure students are able to grasp the content being

taught. Additionally, it helps students move from

concrete to more abstract in their understanding of math